The first Oktoberfest 2012 roundup

About 6.4 million guests visited the Oktoberfest in 2012.

Probably also because of the ZLF, the biannual agricultural fair, the first week attracted many locals and guests from the greater Munich area and Bavaria. Durng the second week, the visitors from all over the world streamed onto the Oktoberfest.

In terms of fashion, traditional Bavarian costumes were still the biggest trend at the Oktoberfest. Also an increasing number of international guests are wearing traditional costumes at the Oktoberfest and often look so much like an original Bavarian that only their language gives them away.

Of course, the 6.4 million visitors also brought a lot of hunger and thirst with them:
116 oxen, 57 calves and 6.9 million liters of beer were consumed.

  6.4 million guests visited the 2012 Okotberfest., Copyright

6.4 million guests visited the 2012 Okotberfest.


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