The Octoberfest app

Is the beer tent still open? How full will it be next saturday? How drunken am I after two 'Maß'? - the new Oktoberfest app gives answers to all of these questions and more!

A map of the Octoberfest beer tents does not only help you to get around, but also shows you which beer tents are open and which are already closed. The "barometer" shows you how many visitors are expected on a certain day.

Great specials are of course the beer counter and the drunkenness check: Count the beers you have already drunken and show it to your friends on facebook! The app will calculate consistent with your weight and height how much blood alcohol you have and on which time you are going to be sober again.

With our webcam you can see every minute pics from the Octoberfest on your iPhone. The latest news about the Octoberfest are of course also included!

You can download the Octoberfest app for free in the apple store.

 Check your per mill with the new app, Copyright

Check your per mill with the new app


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