Burtschers Grillhaus

Bratwursthüttn goes Grillhaus!

After eight years of "Bratwursthüttn", you can now discover us all over again as Burtschers Grillhaus - same place as before next to the "Pschorr Bräurosl".

Instead of hot music, we now offer more hot treats straight from the grill. Visit our long bar and enjoy what it has to offer. From oxen- and steak-sandwiches to vegetrian baguettes, a even bigger variety of spicy and tasty specialties is waiting for you.
Best quality and family-tradition at the Oktoberfest.

Helmut and Ralf Burtscher
Reservation office (phone): +49 (0)8142 503 518
Website: www.burtschers-grillhaus.de


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