Armbrustschützen - Bull's Eye!

The Oktoberfest crossbow competition in this tent is considered one of the great Wiesn highlights. The marksmen have been letting fly since 1895. But don’t worry; this tent doesn’t only feature marksmen and shooting.

It is also especially comfortable and the proprietor Peter Inselkammer and his team will ensure that your physical well-being isn’t neglected. Regardless whether you choose to sample the roast chicken, knuckle of pork or traditional sausages with sauerkraut, you’re sure to hit the Bull’s Eye each time!

Good company and great fun go hand in hand in this tent, which may also have to do with the excellent Paulaner beer.

Last but not least, the PLATZL Oktoberfest brass band music does their part by getting the visitors into the "groove".

Familie Peter Inselkammer
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+49 (0)89 23 70 37 03
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+49 (0)89 23 70 37 05
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PLATZ Oktoberfestkapelle


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