Hacker - Bavarian Heaven

The slogan is integral to the Hacker-Festzelt philosophy: when surrounded by clouds and stars with a cold Maß (liter of beer) in the hand, you may feel as though you are truly in a "Bavarian Heaven".

The proprietors Christl and Toni Roiderer have really planned something special for all those in need of a break from brass band music this year: every evening starting at 5:30pm, a Rock'n 'Roll-Band will perform and get the beat going.

  The entrance to the Hacker-Tent., Copyright Oktoberfest.de

© Oktoberfest.de
The entrance to the Hacker-Tent.

 The Hacker tent., Copyright Oktoberfest.de

© Oktoberfest.de
The Hacker tent.



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