Halftime report for the Oktoberfest: Relax and enjoy

An Oktoberfest to enjoy and relax at.

Despite the cool weather, 3 million guests found their way to the Oktoberfest. Most of them from Munich, also guests from America, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland and Italy made the trip to Bavaria.
Compared to 3.3 million visitors in 2014, the number of guest went slightly down, which means that it was easier to find a seat at one of the tables in the tents.

Fun rides and stands:
Mostly, the fun ride and stand proprietors were content with the number of visitors. However, the cold evenings made some guests stay away from the windy rides like roller coasters.
The new attractions like the Konga or the Daemonium were just as popular as the classics. The Orginal Motodrom did up to twenty thundering shows per day.

The most popular souvenirs so far were traditional hats and hair bands with flowers and pins and magnets.

With no new absolute Oktoberfest hit in sight, it was mostly a revival of the classics in the beer tents.

Public Authorities:
Both police and the Red Cross are experiencing a calm and average Oktoberfest.

Lost and Found:
The Oktoberfest Lost and Found has been taking care of 1040 items. 300 pieces of clothing, 180 passports, 150 wallets and purses, 70 bags, 100 mobile phones, 85 keys, 90 glasses, 30 umbrellas, 25 pieces of jewelry, 10 cameras, one wheel chair, one set of Police union bedclothes, one toilet brush, one clown costume and the annual, unavoidable set of dentures.

Mug Theft:
Security in the tents have so far collected 50.000 mugs.


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