Oktoberfest Halftime 2016

The 183rd Oktoberfest started with lots of rain. But once the weather cleared and the sun showed up, more and more people got drawn to the showgrounds (called 'Wiesn' by the locals).

The loyal Munich natives showed up at their 'Wiesn' and celebrated together, relaxed and enjoyed the festival with the international guests.The new safety standards proved valuable and were welcomed by all guests. The organisers estimate a total of just under three million visitors so far on the Theresienwiese showgrounds (Small Wiesn fair 2012: 3.6m). The first half of the Wiesn turned out to be a success. Most patrons moved around the fairground freely and with ease. Many attendants of the nearby Bavarian Central-Agricultural Festival took the opportunity to pay the Oktoberfest a visit as well. Overall, the organisers, show workers, stall holders and gastronomes have been satisfied so far with the turn out of the first half of the Oktoberfest.

Food & Drinks

In the beer tents the guests can enjoy Bavarian specialities, vegetarian and vegan meals, and pretty much anything else you imagine. Grilled chicken and pretzls however are the ''all time” favourite. In the Ochsen-Braterei (oxen roastery) 54 oxen have been deliciously prepared and consumed (2012: 60). The Kalbs-Braterei (veal grill) reports 25 calves so far (2012: 26). Sales at the stalls started slowly due to the weather. But with the better conditions more and more 'Bratwurst' (grilled sausage) and fish rolls were being ordered. The beer consumption have been sunk about 15% compared to last year has been reported by beer tent holders. Apparently because the beer gardens couldn't be used as much.


After a rainy start of the Oktoberfest, many fans of the Ferris wheel and roller coaster came to visit the entertainment ride area. The number of visitors has increased and all the fun rides are now frequented more often. The brand new spinning gondola of the Sky Falls is definitely a highlight for many visitors.


So far the souvenir sales haven't been the greatest, although the current Oktoberfest logo on the beer steins, pins and T-Shirts has received great feedback.

The Oktoberfest hit songs

This year the following three songs are competing for the titel of the 'Wiesn'-hit 2016: “Ham kummst” from Seiler & Speer, “Hulapalu” by Andreas Gabalier, and “Die Immer Lacht” from Kerstin Ott.

From the authorities

The police confirms a quiet and safe Oktoberfest so far and is content about the decrease of numbers in arrestments, assaults and beer stein fights. They point out how smooth the cooperation with all responsible authorities (on their own report).

Bavarian Red Cross
Also the Red Cross is reporting a calm Oktoberfest so far (own report).

Child Care
Up until Saturday night 35 children have been nursed and cared for at the child care center (2012: 93). Four lost children (2012: 9) have been supervised by the employees of the Red Cross child care centre and youth welfare service, which has also looked after two teenagers (2012: 35).

Lost & Found
The lost & found office has collected a total of 925 items up until Saturday night (2012: 2600), such as 300 pieces of clothing, 150 Ids, 140 wallets, 100 cell phones, 60 keys, 50 pairs of glasses, 40 umbrellas, 40 bags, 35 pieces of jewellery, 10 cameras, a blood pressure measuring machine, red ladies gum boots, three sets of false teeth, 250 Euro in cash, a 3-pack of Polo Ralph Lauren boxer shorts, a hearing aid and two Go-Pro cameras.

Beer steins
Round about 50.000 beer steins have been collected so far by the attentive cleaning personell.

Oktoberfest press department
A total of 4030 national and international journalists have visited the Oktoberfest during the first week (2012: 2198), coming from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, UK, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, Luxemburg, Austria, Philippines, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Slowenia, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine and the USA.There have been granted 448 film and photography permits (2012: 391).


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