The official Oktoberfest 2015 Collectors' Mug

After the official Oktoberfest souvenirs have been revealed a few weeks ago, this year's official Oktoberfest mug has been presented, too.

In the Hacker Tent at the Theresienwiese, Second Mayor of Munich and Oktoberfest boss Josef Schmid presented the official 2015 Oktoberfest mug. After a welcome speech by Schmid, comedian and pianist André Hartmann offered the audience a humorous view of the Oktoberfest.
As every year, the mug features the official Oktoberfest logo and is available with or without a tin-lid.

This year's logo was designed by Moritz Breitenhuber, a Munich art student from Akademie U5. With his creation Breitenhuber had won the annual contest for the design of the logo.

On the tin-lid, the series "Munich Originals" is continued with Oktoberfest carney Michael August Schichtl (1851-1911). In his days he coined the phrase “Auf geht’s beim Schichtl!” (“Let’s go at Schichtl’s”), which announced the start of his vaudeville show with the main event of the illusion of decapitating a person by guillotine.

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