Going to Munich by Plane

If you are planning to travel to Munich by plane, the following information should make your trip more comfortable:

Munich FJS:
The Franz-Josef-Strauss (named after a very important and long reigning prime minister of Bavaria) airport in Munich is the second biggest airport in Germany and a very important airport for most international travel organisations.

Straight to the Oktoberfest:
If you want to go straight to the Oktoberfest from the airport by train, you should disembark at station "Hackerbrücke", which you can reach with all the trains, leaving from the airport.
Going to the Octoberfest by car is not recommended, as you won't be able to find a parking space anywhere near the festival grounds. Many have tried, all of them have failed.

To the airport:
Public transport to the airport is provided by the train lines S1 and S8.

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