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The Octoberfest app

Is the beer tent still open? With the new Oktoberfest app you always have the latest information about the Oktoberfest on your iPhone.

Where is the Octoberfest?

The Octoberfest is located on Theresienwiese in the center of Munich. Read here more about this area.

The official Octoberfest souvenirs 2010

Finally there they are: The souvenirs with the logo of Octoberfest 2010

The historical Oktoberfest

Only in 2010 for the 200th anniversaray the city of Munich has organised a "historical" Oktoberfest.

O'zapft is - The 180th Octoberfest has started!

With the traditional tapping of the first barrel of Oktoberfest-beer, 180th Oktoberfest has started.