Bodo's Café Tent

For more than 10 years, now, Oktoberfest visitors have been enjoying the delicious bakeries and snacks in Bodo’s Café Tent.

All the tasty pastry-specialties are made fresh and range from sweet to spicy.

Starting at 9 in the morning on weekends (at 10 on weekdays), Bodo offers a special Oktoberfest breakfast. The atmosphere in Bodo’s Café Tent is rather cosy and family-oriented. Enjoy cakes, strudel and various other desserts wit a nice coffee from one of the collectors’ mugs you can take home with you.

At 7 p.m. the live-band “Highlights” starts performing and lets you know it’s party-time.

Exotic drinks and cocktails are served at the big bar in the tent. This is where Oktoberfest gals and lads get to know each other.

Proprietor: Bodo E. Müller
Reservation office (phone): +49 (0)89 26 36 73
Reservation office (fax): +49 (0)89 26 36 00
Tent office (phone):
(From 17.09.16)
+49 (0)89 50 22 22 33
Tent office (fax):
(From 17.09.16)
+49 (0)89 50 22 22 43
Capacity: 450
Liveband Highlights