Café Kaiserschmarrn

Welcome to the Oktoberfest-paradise for pastry-lovers!

The look of Café Kaiserschmarrn is something to feast your eyes upon, but on the inside all sorts of treats await your sweet tooth. Run by one of Munich’s most renowned bakeries, “Rischart”, Café Kaiserschmarrn invites you to enjoy the large variety of tasty specialties either in the standing area in front of the tent or in the cozy inside.

Café Kaiserschmarrn is also a great place to start up your Oktoberfest-day with a nice breakfest with all sorts of coffee-specialties and bakeries from croissant to pretzels.

The music starts up at 2 in the afternoon while you get to choose from various Kaiserschmarrn-variations, cakes and pies.
If you don’t feel like coffee anymore, there is also a bar that offers wine, champagne and cocktails.

Proprietors: Gerhard and Magnus Müller-Rischart
Reservation office (phone):
+49 (0)89 231 700 3490
+49 (0)89 231 700 3499
Capacity: 370
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