Feisinger's Kas- und Weinstub'n

It’s all about cheese at Feisinger’s.

And because it goes so well with cheese, wine is another speciality at this little tent.

A very popular party food, which you won’t find anywhere else at the Oktoberfest is Raclette: Molten cheese over bread or potatoes with spicy additions like little gherkins or onions. But that is only one of the many shapes, cheese is served at Feisinger’s. If you are not so much into cheese, you will also find the somewhat more custom dishes like pork and sausage and the menu.

Feisinger’s is always worth a visit, as they don’t give a away reservations for more than half of their seats in the tent. So there is always quite a good chance of finding an empty table here.

Proprietors: Rosie and Max Feisinger
Reservation office (phone):
+49 (0)89 812 63 16
Reservation office (fax):
+49 (0)89 892 91 97
Website: www.wiesnzelt.de
Capacity (inside):
Capacity (outside):
Franziskaner Weißbier, Weine
Music: Every day from 3 p.m.