Glöckle Wirt

The smallest of all Oktoberfest tents.

If you are looking for cozy and friendly atmosphere, the Glöckle Wirt is just where you should go!

In the smallest of all the tents, traditional fun and a wide variation of Bavarian and international dishes will let you excperience a truly unique evening at the Oktoberfest. It’s a lot less hectic in here than in most of the other noisy tents.

The walls and the ceiling of the Glöckle Wirt tent are decorated with old instruments, cooking utlities, mugs and paintings. All the personal effort and love that is put in this tent results in a great amosphere, which also attracts the occasional celebrity, now and then.

Proprietors: Stephanie and Hanns-Werner Glöckle
Reservation office (phone):
+49 (0)89 231 10 90
Mobile phone: +49 (0)171 670 07 39
Reservation office (fax):
+49 (0)89 64 18 10 72
Capacity 98
Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu
Kapelle Schubiduo starts at 4 p.m.