Heimer's Roasted Duck and Chicken

A real Oktoberfest tradition and very popular among locals.

A place, where tradition and the Munich way of life are still cared about. Especially families and Munich residents enjoy this little tent, which does its part in making the Oktoberfest so unique and loveable.

The absolute “must-eat” when visiting the Heimer’s tent is the roast duck fresh from the grill: It gets its taste from a secret combination of spices and comes all brown and crisp in a tasty sauce with potato-dumplings, salad or red cabbage.

Proprietors: Ignaz Schmid
Reservation office (phone): +49 (0)89 500 773 90
Website: www.heimer-entenbraterei.de
Total capacity: ca. 320
Brewery: Paulaner & Hacker-Pschorr