Wirtshaus im Schichtl

The perfect mix between entertainment and food.

Schichtl – a name that stands for tradition on the Oktoberfest: Since 1869 Schichtl can be found at the Oktoberfest and is mostly famous for its cabaret showing fake beheadings. But there is also the “Wirtshaus im Schichtl”, where you won’t loose your head but eat very healthy: Meat and sausages all come from a certified all-biological supplier called Herrmannsdorfer.

Apart from lots of Bavarian dishes there is also a huge variety of drinks ranging from beer to wine and sparkling wine and non-alcoholic drinks as well, of course.

The waitresses and waiters are extremely friendly – no wonder if you consider that right next door people are “beheaded” every hour.

Proprietor: Manfred Schauer
Reservation office (phone):
from September 6 2017:
+49(0)89 50 07 72 85
Reservation office (fax):
+49 (0)89 75 96 453
Reservation by mail:
Capacity: approx. 300
Music: from 12:00 o'clock: Larisa & Klaus
from 16:00 o'clock: Zipfi Zapfi Buam