Zur Bratwurst

Probably the most unusual "tent" of the Oktoberfest.

You can easily recognise the “Zur Bratwurst” because it’s not really a tent but rather a two storied, timbered house. It offers room for about 170 guests. The typical thing to eat there are “Rostbratwürstl” – fried sausages, which are grilled over an open beech wood fire. Other specialties are bratwurst from oxen or the roast pork.

The live band “Original Fremdgänger” and the great Augustiner beer do their part in making the “Zur Bratwurst” a very great place to visit. There are also special dishes for kids and reduced prices if you come here around noon.

Proprietor: Werner Hochreiter
+49 (0)89 50 22 22 04
Website: www.zurbratwurst.de
Capacity inside:
170 (on 2 floors)
Capacity outside:
Brewery: Augustiner
Roland Hefter, Rockaholixs Buam,The Derbys, The "Wuidara Pistols"