Family Able's Marstall tent is the the newest big tent at the Oktoberfest.

Since 1982, family Able is in the gastronomy business. Apart from numerous places in Munich, Able has become a big name at the Oktoberfest, too, since establishing the Kalbs Kuchl tent. In 2014 "a dream came true“, when the Able family was chosen to run one of the big tents at the Oktoberfest.

The meaning of "Marstall"

Marstall is the old German word for the royal riding school, built by Leo von Klenze in 1822. Horses are the guiding motive in the Marstall tent with a big carriage above the entrance, carved wooden horses as decoration inside the tent and a stage resembling a carousel with horses around it.

Marstall Beer Tent: Contact, Reservation, Beer and Music

Siegfried and Sabine Abele and friends
Office (phone):
+49 (0)89 31 20 55 29
Office (fax):
+49 (89) 31 20 55 15
Seating capacity inside:
Seating capacity outside:
Afternoon: Pepi Kugler Band
Evening: Die Münchner Zwietracht
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