The Official 2017 Oktoberfest Poster has been revealed

Since 1952, the official Oktoberfest poster has been crowned by a jury, which chooses among invited candidates. The 24 participants came from art and design schools or had won a special prize or award before to qualify for a starting place in the Oktoberfest poster competition.
This year, for the first time, everybody could submit their idea by an online portal. 48 of the 143 designs were then presented in a public online contest, where 30.000 users chose their 30 favorite designs. Taking into account technical as well as artistic aspects, the jury chose the winner, without knowing who designed which poster.

The prizes in 2017

The first runner up was awarded 1250€, the second one 500€.
The winners do not only receive 2500€, but also the big honor of getting to see their design on approximately 10.000 posters and about 100.000 brochures, published in German, English and Italian language.
Also, since 1978, the winning design gets to be on the official collectors’ mug, a steadily growing series of glass or stone mugs, each showing the official poster design of the respective year.

The 2016 winners
Sarah Eigenseher und Hanna Hodžić
Technische Hochschule, Nürnberg
2.Place: Lissy Mödl, München
3.Place: Benjamin Nitsch, Huglfing


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