What's new at the Oktoberfest 2018

Straight from the press conference in Munich: All the important news about the Oktoberfest 2018.

The festival grounds

The festival grounds will have a size of 34.5 hectares. 545 businesses have been admitted this year, 143 form the gastronomical sector, 151 carnies and 251 vendors. About 13.000 people will be employed at the Oktoberfest.

The new fun rides

During the annual Oktoberfest press conference, the new fun rides are usually one of the most anticipated topics. This wasn’t any different this year: Munich Mayor and Oktoberfest-boss Josef Schmid presented several new attractions:

  • The "Chaos Pendel" („Pendulum of Chaos“) resembles a combination of a swing and a slingshot and has 2 cabins with 8 passengers each going into all possible directions.
  • Named after the Hollywood classic, the “Predator” takes no prisoners: The gondolas flip and tumble on two hydraulic poles. 
  • A classic returns in an all modern look: The „Wellenflieger“ chairoplane got a new LED lighting.
  • German TV’s „Survivor“ is called „Dschungelcamp“ and just like in the show there are the floors full of obstacles are waiting for brave Visitors.
  • Another big return is the Royal Bavarian Court Photographer, where you can shoot your own souvenir-photo with all kinds of historic props, backdrops and costumes.

News at the Oide Wiesn

The „Alpenhaus“ in the museum tent offers sweet treats, produced in a historic fashion. The „Museumsstandl“ sells reprints of historic Oktoberfest posters, which can also be sent by mail. A special exhibition focuses on carny-legend Carl-Gabriel.
Another big comeback is the “Humoristic Velodrome”: Prove your skills on crazy, hard-to-handle bicycles with offset axles and other special quirks.

New Version of the official Oktoberfest App

After last year‘s succesful start, the official Oktoberfest App by the city of Munich is back with new information and brand new features like the detailed fairground map with more than 720 entries about all kinds of locations at the Oktoberfest.


The official Oktoberfest 2018 souvenirs are now available. Glasses, mugs and more are waiting for you. Browse and order at the Oktoberfest.de-Shop.

Beer and Food

The 16 small and big beer tents offer room for 119.000 guests. Altogether, 127 medium-sized and small businesses offer spicy and sweet specialties.

Oktoberfest at a bargain

Especially families are invited to visit the Oktoberfest on the official family days, which are Tuesdays. Fun rides and food vendors have special offers then.

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