Amazing videos from Oktoberfest in the 50ies and 60ies.

Bewegte Bilder von der Wiesn aus dem Archiv der British Pathé.

With over 85.000 videos, British Pathé are the biggest video archive in the world. Also, some videos from the Oktoberfest have found their way into the collection.
Take a look at the Oktoberfest in the 1950ies and the 1960ies.

Bottoms Up - Oktoberfest 1957

Oktoberfest in September - Oktoberfest 1953

Prosit! - Oktoberfest 1959

Beer Rates A Festival - Oktoberfest 1962

Forgotten Children - Oktoberfest 1963

Oktoberfest 1964 (german)

Everybody let the hat on - OKtoberfest 1968

Have fun in every minute - Oktoberfest 1969