Employment at the Oktoberfest

Believe it or not, but there are people, who take holidays from their "real" job in order to work at the Oktoberfest instead.

How do I find a job at Oktoberfest?

To find a job in the beer tents, the best option is to contact the Wiesn landlords. For more information, please contact the employment office of the Employment Agency at www.arbeitsagentur.de. Good luck!

How can I apply for a stand at Oktoberfest?

The official bidding process for Oktoberfest will be made public by the Official Journal of the State Capital of Munich and the magazine "Der Komet." The registration conditions are located at www.muenchen.de which is the city of Munich’s Website.

Beginning in October, the registration forms will be available in the Events department (Fachbereich Veranstaltungen), Matthias-Pschorr-Str. 4, 80336 Munich. The registration deadline is December 31st.
Can I offer street sale goods for purchase, promote a project, or perform as a street artist on the fairgrounds?

No. The city of Munich assigns stands. Therefore, the selling of goods outside the stands or without a stand is strictly prohibited. The Oktoberfest ordinances also prohibit any activities of the commercial and entertainment nature that have not been approved by the proper authorities.

Can my band and I perform at Oktoberfest?

Bands that play in the tents are booked by the Wiesn landlords, it would be advisable to contact their offices directly. Bands are not permitted to perform outside the tents

How can I participate in the Costume and Riflemen’s Parade?

Send your application for participation to:
Festring München e.V.
Tel.: 089/ 26 08 134
Internet: www.festring-muenchen.de
E-Mail: festring.muenchen@t-online.de