Expensive and unsafe: Resold reservations on online platforms.

On Ebay and similar platforms, reservations for the Oktoberfest are resold at horrendous prices.

Just as sure as the Oktoberfest will begin with the traditional “O’zapft is!” by the Munich mayor, there will be all kinds of reservation resellers on various online platforms in the weeks before the Oktoberfest. Usually, the offers are quite similar: A table for 8-10 guests with vouchers for two beers and half a chicken.
The vouchers come with your reservation, as the reservation itself is usually free. But by placing a reservation you agree to a certain minimum meal charge per guest. This minimum charge is payed for when reserving the table and handed over in advance in the shape of the food and drink vouchers.

Numerous such reservation packages turn up on the internet at considerably higher prices, ranging in the four digits – significantly above the actual worth of the meal vouchers. Sometimes the reservation is also sold for a couple of thousands of Euros without the corresponding vouchers.
For a long time, this was a dark-grey legal area, but now the tent proprietors have made some changes to the legal terms in their reservations: If a reservation has been resold, the claim for a table becomes void. To this, the tent proprietors have introduced a shared blacklist, so that resellers won’t get another reservation in any of the tents.

For perfectly safe and valid reservations at their original price, best use the contact information provided in the respective tent information.