Hairstyles for your dirndl look: Braided beauty

A beautiful hairstyle is the perfect finish for your Oktoberfest look. Here are some great hairdos to inspire you.

Getting all prettied up does, of course, also include your hair. The possibilities and variations are as versatile as a stroll across the Oktoberfest grounds: Braided, twirled or a beehive updo – you can get very creative here.

Of course, a ponytail or a bun would do, too, but at the Oktoberfest, some real effort is in order, because “Wer ko, der ko!”, as they say in Bavaria: “If you can, you can.”

Your every-day hairstyle can be made a real eye catcher with only a few easy tricks: Twirl in some strands or affix them with some hairclips. Or go for some braids, which are an all time favorite among dirndl style hairdos.

If you are experienced yourself or have a skilled assistant at hand, go for even more elaborate braided or pinned up styles: A French braid, a herringbone braid or a French plait with braids pinned up all around your head.

Accessories to go with your dirndl hairstyle

Traditional Bavarian clothes usually sport plaid patterns, frills and bows. Romantic flower hair-bands in matching colors, traditional hats with feathers fit that traditional look as well as a pretzel goes with beer.

Make that hairdo last

Use hairspray to keep your dirndl hairstyle in the shape you want it to. If signs of disintegration set in after a few hours but you still want to party on, use some volume powder to revive your hair and pump some volume into it. Just rub the powder in your hands and massage it into the parts of your hair you want to stimulate.

Gallery: Dirndl hairstyles

Some hairstyles, which are sure to make your Oktoberfest styling a success:

Flowered hair-bands and traditional hats can be found in our!


Hairstyles for your dirndl look: Braided beauty