Memorial plate for the victims of the Oktoberfest Bombing Attack

On September 26th 1980, the Oktoberfest was the target of a bombing attack. Now, a memorial site for the victims has been revealed in the Munich City Hall.

Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter revealed a memorial plate in honor of the victims of the Oktoberfest bombing in 1980. Since September 4th 2018, the plate can be found in the central entrance hall under the tower of the New City Hall in Munich, honoring the 12 victims killed and the 211 people injured by the bomb. Reiter was accompanied by Dimitrios Lagkadinos, who had lost both legs as a 17 year old in the detonation.

The plate reads:
"Ihr unbeachtetes Leid mahnt uns zur Fürsorge. Rechtsextreme Taten fordern unsere Wachsamkeit. München erinnert an alle Betroffenen und Todesopfer des Oktoberfest-Attentats vom 26.09.1980.", translated as:
“Their unheeded suffering admonishes us to care. The deeds of right-wing extremists call for vigilance. Munich remembers the victims of the Oktoberfest Bomb Attack on 26. September 1980 and all those affected by it.”

Bombing assassin Gundolf K, a right wing extremist, was also killed in the explosion. The official theory of a lone operator is still being disputed.