New attractions at the 2018 Oktoberfest

As every year, the Oktoberfest has some brand new attractions in store to excite its visitors.

Chaos Pendel

Swiss fun ride creator Hanspeter Maier is known for presenting new fun rides and declares his 2018 novelty at the Oktoberfest as a „ride for the younger generations“.
Two cabins for up to eight passengers each are rotating on the end of a propeller-like arrangement. Two smaller arms add to the acceleration and let guests reach speeds of up to 80 km/h and create very abrupt and unexpected movements.

Technical data:
Front: 13 m
Depth: 10 m
Height: 42 m
Capacity: 2 x 8 persons
Power: 240 KW / 380 A
Year of construction: 2018


Just like the movie, which inspired the name of the ride, it’s all about the adrenaline in this beast. Two hydraulics-powered poles lift ten gondolas fifteen meters up in the air and once they get there, they start spinning and tumbling over at varying speeds.
Predator-boss Willy Kaiser acquired the ride in 2014 and had some major changes and updates done to present it on this year’s Okotberfest. There is room for about 40 people and admission is granted from the ages of 12 and above and a minimum height of 1.40 m.

Technical data:
Front: 23 m
Depth: 23 m
Height: 16 m
Capacity: 40 persons
Power: 250 KW / 400 A


An essential Oktoberfest classic, that keeps on reinventing itself: Peter Lechner’s chairoplane „Wellenflieger“ lights up the night with a mighty LED-installation  and offers romantic moments to couples with seats for two.

Technical data:
Front: 17 m
Depth: 18 m
Height: 13 m
Capacity: 48 persons (24 single and 12 double seats)
Power: 38 KW / 80 A


The attraction formerly known as „Amazonas“ has received a major overhaul, inspired by both the Jungle Book and TV spectacles Survivor and I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!. On a 200 m long path, stretching over three levels, the visitors/candidates have to master various tests and quests. The design resembles a temple and also features a 16 m water parkour after you are welcomed by a three-meter orangutan at the entrance.

Technical data:
Front: 22,5 m
Depth: 10 m
Height: 13,5 m
Capacity: ca. 200 persons per hour
Power: 40 KW / 63 A

Returning to the Wiesn – the Hofphotograph (“Court photographer”)

After a two-year break, this unique attraction returns to the Oktoberfest. Have your vintage phot taken with nostalgic props, costumes and backdrops. Photographer Stephan Bastian is happy to welcome new and regular customers for portrait shots or group pictures, creating a truly unique memory of your visit to the Oktoberfest.

Technical data:
Front: 8 m
Depth: 5,5 m
Height: 3,7 m
Capacity: 2 – 3 shootings per hour
Power: 20 KW / 32 A