Oktoberfest Halftime 2017

Back to the roots: A simply beautiful Wiesn!

The 184th Oktoberfest is on its way to becoming a Wiesn like they used to be: There is room to stroll across the festival grounds with friends and family, you can visit several tents and the mood is fun and relaxed. New fun rides like the “XXL Racer” attract crowds and traditional rides are well visited, too. The autumn temperatures didn’t really bother the guests. Locals celebrate together with guests from all over the world: While the number of visitors from Italy has gone down a bit, more guests from the USA came back to the Oktoberfest. There were also many guests from Switzerland and Asia, Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.
The improved security measures were welcomed by the guests, who also complimented the wardens for their friendliness.

Officials estimate that there were three million visitors so far, 190.000 of them at the Oide Wiesn.
Tent owners, carnies, officials and vendors are quite content with those numbers, so far.

Food and drinks
The classic trifecta of roast chicken, pretzels and beer still is the favorite food in the tents andthe increasingly wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes receives a lot of praise, too.
60 oxen (2015: 55) were consumed so far in the Ochsenbraterei and 21 calves (2015: 22) in the Kalbsbraterei.
Food to go had a slow start due to the rainy weather, but as soon as the skies cleared roast sausage, salmon and Leberkäse sandwiches were as popular as usual. The numbers of sold dishes and drinks is about level with last year.

Fun rides and entertainment
The cold weather on the first days didn’t keep people away from the new attractions and shooting galleries are still as popular as ever. The number of customers went up there, too, as soon as the weather improved after a few days.

The number of souvenir sales improved and especially articles with the Oktoberfest logo on them were in high demand. Also, shirts were requested more than in the last years.
The official Oktoberfest souvenirs and much more are also available at the Oktoberfest.de Shop.

The Wiesn-hit: None - so far
No favorite song among the guests so far.

From the authorities
Police & Red Cross
The police and Red Cross talk about a “normal Wiesn” and praises the cooperation with municipal authorities and Oktoberfest personnel.

Lost and found
Until saturday night, the Oktoberfest lost and found office counted 1.300 items (2015: 1.040), among them 350 pieces of wardrobe, 350 passports, 120 wallets, 110 smartphones and portable phones, 110 pairs of glasses, 100 umbrellas, 85 keys, 35 bags and backpacks, 30 pieces of jewellery, 10 cameras, one tenor- and one flugelhorn, one Napoleon-hat, one monk’s robe, one limited edition Oktoberfest mug (with price tag: 120 Euro), two wedding rings (both with engravings), two paddles, two blood sugar analyzers and a pair of high heeled shoes.

Mug theft
About 50.000 beer mugs (2015: 50.000) have been collected by the security.
You can order your mugs and glasses online at the Oktoberfest.de Shop.

Oktoberfest press office
So far 4.328 journalists contacted the Oktoberfest press office (2015: 3.980) among them local media and journalists from Argentina, Brazil,Chile, China, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine and the USA. 701 permits for filming and photography (2015: 405) were granted.