Oktoberfest halftime report 2018

Unwind and relax at the late-summer Wiesn!

Known to be responsible for the weather in Bavaria, St. Peter must be an Oktoberfest fan, as he graced the 185th Oktoberfest with golden late-summer weather. Even orcano “Fabienne” spared tents and fun rides at the Theresienwiese. The guests were not just traditionalists and regulars but also lots of families with children and senior visitors.

Unwind and relax!

Locals fell in love with their Wiesn again and joyfully celebrated with guests from all over the world. The Oktoberfest crews reported a re-increasing number of visitors from the USA.
Our “regulars” from Italy also visited the Oktoberfest from the beginning and, taking a closer look at the transactions at the ATM machines, guests also came from Australia, France, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.
Safety measures worked smoothly and were accepted and welcomed by guests and personnel.

An estimated 3.3 million guests (2017 3.0 million) found their way to the Oktoberfest. Of those, 240.000 (2017: 190.000) were counted at the Oide Wiesn vintage area.
Tent proprietors, fun ride operators and market stand runners are all equally happy with the numbers so far.

Food and drinks:
With a beer consumption equal to last year, tent proprietors reported an increase in sold meals.
Both salty and sweet dishes found their fans with the roast chicken still being the most popular food.

Fun rides and entertainment:
The good weather brought many fans of fun rides to the fairground with childrens’ rides and traditional carousels attracting almost more guests than the “wild rides”.

Souvenirs, souvenirs:
More guests also meant more sold souvenirs. The official merchandise with the 2018 logo on it was the most popular kind and while American guests were mostly into t-shirts, locals stuck to smaller items like fridge magnets.
You can also order your favorite souvenirs online at the Oktoberfest.de Shop.

The Wiesn-hit:
„Cordula Grün“ by Vienna singer Josh, followed by folklore resistance song „Bella Ciao“ are the most popular new entries. Still number one: „Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!“.

Lost and found:
Until Saturday evening, the Oktoberfest lost and found office reported 865 finds (2017: 1.300): 250 passports, 200 pieces of clothing, 120 phones, 100 wallets, 80 keys, 45 glasses, 30 pieces of jewelry, 25 bags, 10 umbrellas, 5 cameras, one tenor bugle, one badminton racket, one hot-water bottle, one Nomos luxury watch, one blood sugar tester, cash packs of 471€ and 565€ and an orginally packed and sealed traditional Bavarian shirt..

Mug theft:
About 50.000 mugs (2017: 50.000) were collected by tent security at the exits.

The Wiesn-press office:
Until halftime, the press office counted 4.685 contacts (2017: 4.328).
706 permits for photo and film shoots were issued.