Outfit (Trachten)-Trends 2017 for Men & Women

These styles and details for Lederhosen, Dirndl-dress and accessories are a must have this season!

The traditional dress (called 'Tracht') belongs to the Oktoberfest like a cool stein of beer and a fresh pretzl. You just want to have it! Even the proud owners of a Dirndl or Lederhosen like to keep an eye open for new styles and matching accessories. This is because the Trachten-fashion not only comes in many classic varieties, but also seasonal trends and exciting modern influences.

Current Trachten-Trends for Women

Women who love a classic style will be delighted to hear about the new trends in 2016: Traditional, minimal Dirndl-dresses without glitter or any fancy details are in fashion this year. Shades like fir-green, bordeaux, dark blue as well as soft nuances like pastel and beige are proving popular.

Other ways of showing HER sense of fashion are these three eye-catching details:
  • The stand up collar is making its big entry this year and adds vintage elegance to the styling, both for blouses and jackets.
  • The seam is getting a make over: Dresses should be at least over-knee length but no longer than mid-calf.
  • Favourite accessory of this season is a traditional Bavarian hat. The straw hat is also trending.

Current Trachten-Trends for Men

With a short pair of leather pants you can never go wrong, but this year there is really no way around them. The more well used, the trendier they are.

The biggest thing in Trachten-shirts fot his year is slim fit. This cut is more suitable to the slender man who wants to be traditional yet fashionable. But enjoy your Schnitzel, there is no pressure here!

The current men's trend for all shapes and sizes: Shirts with striking buttons and embroidery are playing a big role this year. An eye-catching addition to the Lederhosen is a belt with solid buckle, such as a Bavarian lion decoration to name one. Alternatively, men can sport a traditional yet fashionable Charivari on the hips – a piece of jewellery with pendants of silver coins or little parts from hunted game.

Our favourite trend for HIM is hands down the stand up collar, with shirts, jackets or vests!

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