Reservations at the Oktoberfest

How and where to get a reservation for seats in one of the beer tents at the Oktoberfest.

Can I reserve seats for Oktoberfest through

Unfortunately, you cannot reserve seats in the beer tents via We can neither answer queries concerning reservations nor forward your requests to the beer tent employees and hosts. We do not keep a reservation list. Therefore, we are not able to answer your questions about seating availability and reservations.

How can I book seats in the beer tents?

It is only possible to book seats through the individual tents. The contact details are available in the category Tents. If you are unable to reserve a place in the bigger beer tents or you’d rather experience the coziness of smaller tent, have a look at the Small and Medium Tents for something more suitable.

May I enter the beer tents without a reservation?

Certainly, you can visit the beer tents; nevertheless, you should arrive as early as possible, especially, if there is a large group with you. For instance, during the week, arrive no later than 2:30pm and on the weekends, it’s best to go in the morning. Otherwise, you run the risk of not being able to enter the tents at all because they’re already full. Larger groups should expect to wait in line like others – those without seats won’t be served any beer!

Is it always busy at Oktoberfest?

Yes, it is almost always busy, but there will be days which aren’t as busy - in general, try to avoid weekends and try to visit earlier in the day - once you're seated, you can normally keep your table.

Where do I get beer vouchers?

Beer and food vouchers are only available in the beer tents or via a reservation. It would be best to contact the tents directly - their telephone numbers are located in the category Tents.

Will the remaining vouchers expire?

No, the remaining vouchers can be used at specific taverns and restaurants in and around Munich. You will be able to find a list of addresses on our Website after Oktoberfest has ended.