Save money, drink water?

Water instead of beer - how much money would that actually save you?

The good news: Several lemonades didn't only stay at last year's price, but got even cheaper.
The bad news: In several beer tents, one liter of beer now costs you more than 11€.

The Mass (1 liter of beer) will cost you something between 10.70€ and 11.50€ this year. That is an average increase of 3.57% compared to last year’s beer prices. The cheapest beer can be found at the Museum Tent at the Old Wiesn and at the Ammer tent.

Whereas it is quite common that beer prices go up significantly each year, a novelty is prices of lemoades and Spezi going down in some tents. 
The tent proprietors explain this year's raise in prices because of the higher contingent rent for their tents. Because of inreased security measures, the city of Munich had increased those rents last year.

Depending on where you go, beer is served in glasses or steins. Both can be ordered in a wide range of varieties at the Shop.

Big tentsBeer prices 2018
Armbrustschützen-Festzelt € 9,90
Augustiner-Festhalle € 8,80
Pschorr-Bräurosl € 8,00
Fischer-Vroni € 8,40
Hacker-Festzelt € 8,60
Marstall € 8,60
Hofbräuhaus-Festzelt € 9,20
Käfer Wies'n Schänke € 7,80
Löwenbräu-Festzelt € 9,00
Ochsenbraterei € 9,40
Paulaner-Festzelt € 9,90
Schottenhammel-Festhalle € 7,00
Schützen-Festzelt € 9,80
€ 11,60