Start of the 2017 Oktoberfest: A relaxed and "normal" Wiesn

The 184th Oktoberfest at the Theresienwiese in Munich started relaxed and with a generally joyful mood among the guests despite occasional rain and chilly autumn temperatures. Among the visitors, many guests from all over the world - Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United States - celebrated with the locals.
An official estimate for the first weekend counted about 600.000 guests at the Theresienwiese (2016: 500.000). Tent proprietors and carnies talked about a “normal” Oktoberfest.
The security measures received positive feedback by the visitors, as it strengthens the subjective feeling of safety.

Food and drinks
11 oxen (2016: 9) were consumed on the first weekend. Street vendors were happy, when the rain ended and their businesses started attracting more customers, too. The beer tents were filled well, as usual, and tent proprietors talked about an increased sale of beer, as the beer gardens were well visited, too.

Fun rides and carnies
More visitors made for better business compared to last year at the fun rides, too. Only the cold temperatures might have held some guests back from riding the carousels.

Hats and little gifts like pins and shot glasses were the bestsellers among guests from other countries. Altogether, the sale of also increased increased as well, when compared to last year.
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Oide Wiesn
More and more tourists have taken to visiting the Oide Wiesn. The special flair included lots of singing and dancing and photos, taken in the exhibition in the Museumszelt, where the official Oktoberfest posters of the last 65 years are shown.