Tent Owners and Breweries Parade

The Oktoberfest celebrations start with the big parade of the tent proprietors and the Munich breweries.

Visit the big tent owners and breweries parade and see the horse carts decorated with flowers, beer tent waitresses with big beer mugs, the big brass bands from the beer tents and the impressive beer wagons with garlands and big wooden barrels.


The parade starts at 10:45 on September 21 2019.

Starting point is the Josephspitalstrasse in the Munich city centre, then the parade marches along Sonnen- and Schwanthalerstrasse and to the Oktoberfest via Bavariaring.

Map for the route of the parade (red line)


About 1000 people take part in the parade, which took place for the first time in 1887. Tradition has it, that the parade is headed by the Münchner Kindl, the Munich city mascot, followed by the horse cart with the mayor of Munich. After them, tent proprietors, breweries and carnies follow in their wagons.

Tickets for the stands along the route can be ordered via:

München Ticket GmbH
Postfach 20 14 13
80014 München
Tel.: (089) 54 81 81 81
Fax: (089) 54 81 81 54

or various other ticket agencies.

Watching the parade from the side of the road is free, of course.