The Oktoberfest 2017 roundup

6.2 million guests and 7.5 million liters of beer: A comfortable Wiesn.

After 18 days, the 184th Oktoberfest has come to a successful close. The traditional Oide Wiesn also profited from the mostly perfect weather, too. The mood among the guests was happy and relaxed at all times. The official estimate is that 6.2 million guests visited the Oktoberfest, including 480.000 guests at the Oide Wiesn.

Judging by the data of the cash machines, the whole world visited the Oktoberfest: The top 10 countries to come to the Oktoberfest this year were the USA, Great Britain, Austria, France, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Denmark. To that, guests from 65 more countries had fun at the world’s biggest fair.
The Oktoberfest post office reports a stable number of sent cards and letters with an increase of mail to Scandinavia and the Netherlands and a decrease to Australia and Italy.
Altogether, officials, tent owners, carnies and vendors are content with this year’s Oktoberfest.
The safety concept has proved itself successful and was received favorably by the guests, who felt good about the measures like a bag and rucksack ban on the festival ground.

Food and drinks
The tent owners were very content with the guests’ consumption and reported an increase of guest in the smaller tents. Stands with food to go also reported an increase in customers in all sorts of specialties from chocolate almonds to vegan wraps and classic sausages.
At the Ochsenbraterei, 127 oxen and 59 calves at the Kalbsbraterei were consumed.
According to the breweries, the Oktoberfest guests drank 7.5 million liters of beer.

Mugs, please!
Tent security confiscated roughly 120.000 mugs at the tent and fairground exits.
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Fun rides and entertainment
Both classic and new fun rides found their customers. Officials talk about a “Weekend-Wiesn” with busy weekends and more quiet weekdays.

Souvenirs, souvenirs
Souvenir stands reported dragging sales. Small gifts like pins, magnets and shot glasses were the most popular items.
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The Wiesn-hit
After 18 days, no new hit was in sight, so the title remains with Andreas Gabalier’s “Hulapalu”.

From the local authorities
Police and Red Cross

The police praises the cooperation among all involved parties and the Red Cross reports a relaxed 2017 Oktoberfest. The security concept is deemed a success.

Lost children and youth office
217 children were fed and/or got their diapers changed in the rooms of the child care offices. Five children and 14 youths were taken care of by the Municipal Youth Welfare Office.

Lost and found
The Oktoberfest lost and found office reported 4.055 found items, among them 1.300 passports, 620 pieces of clothing, 600 wallets, 520 smartphones and cellphones, 360 keys, 325 pairs of glasses, 120 umbrellas, 100 bags and rucksacks, 95 pieces of jewellery and 15 cameras. Also found: A set of dentures, a pair of crutches, a numbers plate (From the area of Limburg-Weilburg), a drinking horn, a pair of leather pants and a luxury lady’s watch by Carl F. Bucher.

The press office
The press office counted almost 6.000 contacts with journalists from Germany and the rest of the world. 759 filming permits were granted to various TV and online media and 56 press releases were published.