The middle weekend of the 2017 Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest boss Josef Schmid welcomes policemen and -women, firefighters and paramedics from Italy and France
Since the middle weekend of the Oktoberfest as the “Italian weekend”, the Munich police and rescue squads get supported by Italian, and lately also French, forces. This makes communication during incidents a lot easier.

Josef Schmid welcomes police forces from the Carabinieri Legion Bozen, the Polizia di Stato Bozen, the Police Nationale from Frankreich, the Bozen fire department and volunteers of the White Cross from South Tyrolia.

Twin Fun at the Oide Wiesn
On Saturday, September 23rd, from 6 p.m., 17 pairs of twins will celebrate in the Festzelt Tradition. Of course, their food and drinks will be served by twins, too.
Inspired by an event in Berlin, twin sisters Leonie and Sarah Brand from Munich came up with the idea and promoted it via facebook and their own website

The traditional brass band concert
On Sunday, September 24th, at 11 a.m., the brass bands from the beer tents play the traditional concert at feet of the Bavaria statue. Usually, the concert is conducted by (local) celebrities and the mayor of Munich.
After the concerts, hundreds of colorful balloons are released into the Bavarian sky as a both beautiful and spectacular finish to the concert.