The official Oktoberfest 2018 Collectors' Mug

After the new attractions have been revealed a few weeks ago, this year's official Oktoberfest mug has been presented, too.

Bavarian comedian Martin Frank presented the official 2018 glass mug and the 2018 collector’s stone mug. Coming from Passau in Lower Bavaria he humorously shared the views of a non-Munich Oktoberfest fan about the biggest fair in the world.

The official Oktoberfest mug sports the logo designed by Dirk Lippmann, a graphics designer from Osnabrück, who won the annual design competition with his creation “Auf eine friedliche Wiesn” – “To a peaceful Wiesn”. This year’s glass mug continues the series that started in 1978 and has become very precious to devoted collectors.

Since 1987, there is also the annual tin lid collector’s stone mug, showing different personalities of the Oktoberfest history on their handcrafted tin lids. This year, legendary tout Franz Halmanseger has the honor of finding himself on the tin lid. From 1920 to 1962 he could be found at the Oktoberfest, inviting guests into the Hippodrom tent. With elegant gestures he swung an imaginary whip and imitated the riders in the Hippodrom and even when he worked his regular job at the Central Train Station, everybody called him the “the guy from in front of the Hippodrom.”

The official 2018 collectors’ mug and many more are now available in the