Traditional clothes for kids

With mum in a dirndl dress and daddy in leather pants, the kids obviously need traditional Bavarian clothes as well!

The Munich Oktoberfest is one of the most popular events to get dressed in Bavarian clothes. Wearing traditional clothes is an essential part of visiting the Oktoberfest and you see dirndl dresses and leather pants all over the city.
But also visits at the beer garden or parties like birthdays are perfect opportunities to get out your Bavarian garbs.
Basically, there is only one thing that attracts more people’s views than a lady in a dirndl dress or a guy in leather pants: A kid in traditional clothing!

Traditional garbs for kids

Once they reach a certain age and size, the range for kids’ garbs are just as wide as for grown-ups. Girls are a heart melting view from the age of 6 months in their strawberry red, light blue or pink dirndl dresses with a frilled white blouse.
Leather pants are available for boys of two years up. With a matching shirt and a “Janker” (a traditional jacket), a felt hat and brogues, every boy is more than fair competition for a grown up fellow.

Kids’ traditional casual clothes

It doesn’t have to be strictly traditional garbs for kids! Until some real leather pants or dirndl dresses are in order, casual clothes, like cotton gear, work just as well:
How about a brown cotton pant (with or without suspenders) until some real leather pants are in order? Make your baby boy a baby Bavarian! There are also plenty of leather pant style romper suits, bodies and shirts.
For girls, there are also alternatives to a real dirndl dresses: A “baby dirndl”, which is a shirt combined with a skirt and rompers and shirts kept in dirndl style.  Another casual alternative would be a plaid skirt with an apron.
The combination of traditional and casual also works well on shirts with Bavarian rhombuses and plaid patterns, Bavarian lettering or regional motives like Edelweiss flowers, pretzels or gingerbread hearts. A real delight, especially when combined with jeans and (traditional) sneakers.
Proper Bavarian beach boys also dress in leather pants style bathing trunks.


Fashionable clothing accessories for Bavarian or babies from all over the world are brown leather baby shoes or a funny dummy chain with Bavarian elements. Girls can also add a perfect finish to their styling with a flowered hairband, or jewelry like Edelweiss earrings.

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