Where to smoke at the Oktoberfest

With a strict non-smoking policy put into action in Bavaria last year, the beer tent owners face the challenge of how to make both smokers and non-smokers comfortable at the Oktoberfest. This might become especially difficult on rainy days, as smoking is no longer allowed inside any restaurant, bar or beer-tent in Bavaria.

Usually smokers just take a few steps outside the door and go back in after having had their cigarette. However, this might become difficult not just because of occasional bad weather, but also because quite often, when the tents are full, the entrances get closed and you might get locked out.

Most tents will offer a closed-off smoking area outside the tents, however there are no tables or chairs allowed in those smoking areas and no food or drink may be served in there.
Another solution the tent owners are thinking about, are balconies for smokers – easily the most attractive solution for smokers, as you won’t only be able to enjoy your cigarette, but also a great view over the Oktoberfest. However, those balconies are of course also favored by other visitors, which might make tent owners think twice about sacrificing those premium areas for their smoking guests.

As difficult as it may sound, tent owners and officials aren’t expecting a lot of trouble, as there were barely any problems last year, when the smoking ban was already in action, too, but not enforced too harshly. But as people were more cooperative than expected, this year might become even more relaxed, as the smoking areas will be improved in comfort and better organized.

Sure enough, every tent will find its own solution for that challenge and it just like with beer and music, it will be up to every guest themselves to find out, which tent suits them most.