Which side to tie your dirndl apron on.

Probably the most important question when getting your dirndl dress on: Where to tie the bow of your apron?

How to let the boys and gentlemen at the Oktoberfrest know if you are willing to flirt or just want to remain by yourself? Is the beautiful lady single or am I in for some trouble if I approach her?

Bow on the left is good luck!

...because if the bow of the apron is on the left side, the lady is single and you may go and try your luck.

Stay clear of bows on the right!

A bow on the right is bad news for boys on the prowl: It signals that the lady is already taken or even married. So hold your horses or you are risking a slap on the wrist or even in the face.

Middle? All but undecided!

A bow in the middle is not the sign for "somewhat taken but maybe single" or some other confusion about the wearer's relationship Status. It's the traditional sign to tell you: Virgin!

Bow in the back? Tip or condolences.

There are two possible explanations for an apron tied on the rear side: Either the lady is a widow or a waitress. Try and assess the situation properly before offering your condolences to the waitress or tipping a widow.