Around the city fast and safe - even at night

The S-Bahn train network offers weekend night service.

It’s well known that a lot of Beer will flow at the Wiesn. Because nobody wants to see drunk drivers on the road the MVV night service is a good alternative. In the nights from Friday to Saturday, and Saturday to Sunday, all MVV subway lines will be running until ca. 2 am. Trains will run until ca. 1 am on all other nights during the Oktoberfest. Trains run in 10-minute frequencies.

Even Oktoberfest fans that live outside of Munich do not have to resort to driving their cars. The S-Bahn train network (S1 – S8) also offers weekend night service. Departures leave the city center between 2:10 am and 2:40 am. The S-Bahn trains run between Pasing and Ostbahnhof via the Hauptbahnhof and Marienplatz every 2-5 minutes.


Tickets for travel with the MVV are available at the blue machines located in the subway stations. Passengers can either use cash or “cash cards” as payment. Ensure to stamp your tickets on the way into the subway stations (information regarding how to do this can be found on the back side of the public transport tickets)! Passengers traveling without tickets will be fined 40 Euro by the MVV when caught (the subway is under stronger surveillance during Oktoberfest!).

Day Ticket:
The day tickets are valid without time limits from the time they are stamped until 6 am the following day. You have the choice between single-day tickets for 6.00 Euro for the Innenraum (inner city area) or 11.70 Euro for the Gesamtnetz (entire MVV train network) and partner day tickets for 11.20 Euro for the Innenraum and 21.30 Euro for the Gesamtnetz. The partner day tickets are valid for up to five people, two children (6-14 years old) count as one person. Single and partner day tickets for the Innenraum are also available as 3-day tickets (cost: 15.00 and 25.90 Euro).

XXL Day Ticket:
The XXL day ticket is valid for the entire MVV-Innenraum (inner city area) and surrounding rings 5 and 6. The area covered by this ticket is clearly marked with an XXL on the timetables in the train stations. The ticket includes the following lines: Garching-Hochbrück (U6), Oberschleißheim (S1), Dachau and Deisenhofen (S2), Eichenau (S4), Geisenbrunn and Poing (S6), Höhenschäftlarn and Höhenkirchen (S7) as well as Olching and Ismaning (S8) for travel to the inner city. Ticket price: single 8.10 Euro and partner 14.20 Euro.

Ticket strips (Streifenkarten):
Although ticket strips (strip of ten public transport tickets which cost 12.50 Euro) are not valid for the entire day, they offer more flexibility as they can be stamped and used when needed (the blue ticket strips are fore adults, the red ones for children). Two strips of the ticket need to be validated (stamped) for short rides within the inner city area (only one row for children). And again, don’t forget to stamp your ticket – otherwise you might be caught dodging!