Going to Munich by Plane

How to get from the Munich Airport to the Oktoberfest.

Going to Munich by plane means you will land at Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss (named after a very important and long reigning prime minister of Bavaria), which is located about 20 kilometers north of Munich. For your trip on to the city, there are various means of transport available:

Oktoberfest Munich by Train

The airport is connected to Munich by two S-Bahn lines, the S1 and the S8. Both will bring you to the most important stops in the Munich city center. Going to Munich by S-Bahn trains will take you approximately 45 – 50 minutes. Tickets are available at the vending machines at every train Station.

Oktoberfest Munich by Bus

The Lufthansa Airport Bus takes you from the airport to the Munich central train station in ca. 45 minutes. At the airport, there are stops at both terminals and at the Airport Center. More information about fares, times and stops.

Oktoberfest Munich by Taxi

If the traffic allows it, taxis are the fastest way to get to Munich from the airport. There are taxi stands at both terminals, rides to the city will cost you something upwards from approximately 60,- €. 
  • IsarFunk taxi: +49 (89) 450540
  • IsarFunk service point at the airport: +49 (89) 97585050
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