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Photo: Exithamster

Menzel’s Munich Zugspitzbahn

Rapid ride through detailed winter landscape

The ride with cult character has lots of momentum and swinging. In Menzel’s Munich Zugspitzbahn, the guests get a thorough shaking. Pure action on one of the oldest tracks at the Wiesn.

What’s special: tradition and fun in one attraction

Menzel’s Munich Zugspitzbahn, a ‘Schlickerbahn,’ is a variant of the mountain and valley railway. What’s special: the gondolas swing sideways freely. When going uphill, the high speed causes the gondolas to turn upside down. This is the moment when other visitors regularly become aware of the Zugspitzbahn, as it is associated with cheerful screaming and yelling. The ride has been at the Wiesn for more than 80 years now, and a lot has changed since then. The pretty white-blue gondolas that circle the snowman used to be made of hard wood. But one thing has remained the same over the years: the fun!

If you don’t have fun here, it’s your own fault

Who should visit Menzel’s Munich Zugspitzbahn? The answer is clear: everyone! The ride may be fast, but in a good way. The fast changes of direction and, of course, the inversion provide that certain something. Of course, the Zugspitzbahn is also a good place for all those who can’t wait for winter and want to escape into the cold season for at least a few minutes, even if it’s quite hot on this trip.

The Zugspitzbahn for backseat drivers: there used to be snow

The operator of the Zugspitzbahn, Michael Menzel, wanted to give his passengers the ultimate winter feeling even in early autumn. The artificial snow that fluttered over the gondolas and guests during the ride was beautiful to look at, but not without issues. One important component of the snow was soap, which made the ground extremely slippery and made sure that many a visitor landed on the backside of the vehicle. That is why all trips made by the Zugspitzbahn today only take place without precipitation.