Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Exithamster

The Motodrom

Daring tricks on the steep face of the Motodrom

In the Motodrom at the Oide Wiesn, you can be amazed. Courageous motorcyclists perform their daring tricks as they race along the wooden steep face on loudly rattling classics.

What’s special: The Motodrom is the oldest traveling steep face

The Motodrom or “Original Motodrom,” as it has been called since 2012, is the oldest travelling steep face in the world. The ride was commissioned back in 1928 by the Munich performer Josef Ruprecht. In general, the steep face can be driven on by any vehicle. As a special feature, visitors to the Oide Wiesn can marvel at an original Fuchs Formula V racing car from the 1960s, which was used to defy gravity on the slanted wooden planks, in addition to the vintage motorcycles Indian Scout 101, Honda CB 200, and BMW R51/2. As a further highlight, a spectacular race of four acrobats will be shown simultaneously on the steep face.

Motodrom: for motorcycle aficionados and circus fans

Who should visit the Motodrom? No question about it, motorcycle enthusiasts will have a lot of fun in the roundabout: after all, they can understand the challenges the riders face on the steep face, a little bit. Besides, it’s not everyday you see such old companions on German streets – and where can you let the rattling engines howl the way it’s a matter of course in this show? In general, however, normal circus fans should also get their money’s worth with this attraction, as truly amazing tricks are performed on the steep face. The only exception to the otherwise unqualified recommendation: It’s loud and smells of fuel – if you don’t like that, you might want to avoid the spectacular circuit.

Motodrom for backseat drivers: Why the Indian Scout 101?

This bike from the 1920s is used in the Motodrom for tricks and acrobatics because its center of gravity is particularly low - below the wheel hubs. This fact and the short wheelbase make the Indian Scout 101 a highly agile tool for the artists. In addition, the motorcycle can withstand even more extreme crashes. “The wall rider’s friend for life,” the Motorellos rave about the “Original Motodrom.”

Important: Non-updated information on this page refers to Oktoberfest 2019. There was no Oktoberfest in 2020, neither was in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.