Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Armbrustschützenzelt: Reservation, atmosphere, history

The name says it all - the crossbow tradition lives here

Armbrustschützenzelt: Reservation, atmosphere, history

The name says it all - the crossbow tradition lives here

Crossbow out, belly in – this is the place to draw and eat well. The German Crossbow Shooting Championships are also held here every year.

What’s special: the German Crossbow Championships

The German Crossbow Championships have been held in the Armbrustschützen tent since 1935. However, this won’t be evident to normal guests, as the championships take place in a tent extension that accommodates the 30-meter-long shooting ranges. The Armbrustschützen tent also emphasizes Bavarian tradition: Traditional costume groups like Schuhplattlers or whipcrackers perform every Wednesday at noon.

The history: traditional tent (not just) for shooting

The “Winzerer Fähndl” crossbowmen’s guild laid the foundation for today’s Armbrustschützen tent in 1895. Back then, a tent was erected on the Wiesn for the first time where marksmen and visitors were entertained and championships were shot. After some conversions and new buildings, the Armbrustschützenzelt was finally built. The name illustrates the long tradition of marksmen on the Wiesn. Today, the tent also stands for good food, outstanding hospitality, and an exuberant atmosphere. If you take a closer look, you can still see the connection to the shooting tradition in the tent: On the tower of the Armbrustschützen tent stands a marksman, and above the main entrance is the eagle of the crossbowmen’s guild.

The audience: shooting clubs, regulars, and Munich locals

Festival hosts Katharina and Peter Inselkammer enjoy many regular guests, among them many shooting clubs. You’ll also find many Munich locals in the Armbrustschützen tent, but the audience is otherwise quite colorfully mixed, as the local hospitality is appreciated by young and old alike.

The music: the Platzl-Oktoberfestkapelle provides the atmosphere

The Platzl-Oktoberfestkapelle provides a cheerful, hearty ambiance in the Armbrustschützen tent. Under the leadership of Manfred Leopold and Andreas Stauber, 23 members of different ages see to the Oktoberfest atmosphere. What’s special: This is where youthful freshness and great experience come together. The band’s story began as early as 1961, when they played for the first time under the name “Unterbrunner Blasmusik” in the Armbrustschützen tent. In 2010, Adi Beham gave up leadership of the band and the name was changed to “Platzl-Oktoberfestkapelle.” Their repertoire is large and ranges from traditional brass music to the latest Wiesn hits.

The menu: traditional delicacy from an old recipe

The menu in the Armbrustschützen tent entices with traditional Bavarian treats. Here you will find everything your heart desires that tastes good with a freshly tapped measure of Wiesn beer: a hearty snack, grilled chicken, pork hock, or fried sausage. The kitchen team prepares the dishes according to traditional recipes. Emphasis is placed on quality and regionality when selecting the ingredients. The menu also includes a selection of dishes for vegetarians. And those who like it sweet will find typical Bavarian desserts here.

For backseat drivers: Munich beer takes priority

Anyone who knows that festival host Peter Inselkammer comes from a brewery family may have wondered why there is no Ayinger beer in the Armbrustschützen tent. The reason is simple: Only beer from Munich breweries is served on the Wiesn. That’s why Paulaner’s Oktoberfest beer flows into the beer jugs in the Armbrustschützen tent.

Armbrustschützenzelt: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s)Familie Peter Inselkammer
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CapacityCapacity 5,820
Capacity (outdoors)Capacity (outdoors) 1,600
BreweryPaulaner Brauerei Gruppe GmbH & Co. KGaA
BeerAlc. 6.0 % vol., 13.6 % wort
MusicPlatzl-Oktoberfestkapelle under the leadership of Manfred Leopold and Andreas Stauber
SpecialityWhat’s special: venue for the German Crossbow Championships