Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Zur Schönheitskönigin

The original Munich folk singer tent

The brand new folk singer tent at the Oidn Wiesn invites everyone to join in: Here everyone can make music, sing along, or simply listen to the cabaret singers. And watch out, ladies: Every day, a beauty queen is chosen from among the guests.

What’s special: old Munich tavern culture

If you want to know what Munich tavern culture felt like in 1900, you should visit the Schönheitskönigin at the Oidn Wiesn. The cozy wood paneling on the interior takes you back to this historic time. Instead of dirndls, the waitresses would wear long skirts with white aprons. The wallets were attached to long chains. The bartenders did not wear traditional costume either, but black trousers, a gilet vest and a jacket over the top. The staff of the Schönheitskönigin still wear the same outfits today.

The old taverns were the home of famous Munich folk singers, comedians and cabaret performers. As well as entertaining the audience, their performances were also about criticizing the politics of the day. Well-known names from this time include Karl Valentin, Papa Geis and the Weiß Ferdl. The Schönheitskönigin gives a stage to the best present-day interpreters of the art.

The audience: locals, families and singing fans

In the Schönheitskönigin, you will find a mixed audience, including many locals who value their Oide Wiesn. Families are welcome to take advantage of the children’s menu and special offers for family day. Everyone who comes is welcome to sing along. And if you don’t know the lyrics, you can find them in the songbook. Sometimes the audience is also encouraged to listen, so that everyone can enjoy the performance.

The menu: the unique Munich “kronfleisch” cuisine

In the Schönheitskönigin at the Oidn Wiesn, the lunch menu has something very special to offer: dishes from the local Munich “kronfleisch” cuisine. This refers to almost-forgotten delicacies that are no longer prevalent in our modern times. But that’s why they fit the unique ambiance of the Schönheitskönigin all the better: For example, you can find dishes like calf lights, boiled belly pork, “kronfleisch” and sweetbread milzwurst on the menu. The cuisine’s namesake, “kronfleisch”, refers to beef skirt steak, the cut of meat that comes from the diaphragm of the animal.

If offal is not for you, you will also find regular classics of Bavarian cuisine, such as ham hock, roast chicken or suckling pig. And despite the extensive selection of meat on the menu, there are also vegetarian and vegan options available. For children, there is a special kids’ menu. Everyone is catered for at the Schönheitskönigin.

Only here: folk singing competition

What better venue for a folk singing competition than the Schönheitsheitskönigin? Every year, the “Jetzt sing i!” competition takes place here in collaboration with the Bavarian Rundfunk broadcasting service. Anyone who wants to join can enter. The candidates are selected in advance by a jury, so that the competition can take place during the Wiesn. The best folk singers win fantastic prizes.

Zur Schönheitskönigin: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

HostsGerda and Peter Reichert
Capacity (outdoors)400
MusicVarying daily program
SpecialityMunich tavern singing, kronfleisch cuisine
Important: Non-updated information on this page refers to Oktoberfest 2019. There was no Oktoberfest in 2020, neither will be in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.