Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Ammer Hühner- und Entenbraterei

The second-oldest Wiesn tent

The organic duck and chicken served by Ammer’s is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The “world’s oldest roast chicken stall” has been at the Wiesn since 1885, meaning no one is more experienced in poultry.

What’s special: Special welcome for boys and girls

The poultry roaster makes a special effort for younger visitors under 12 years old. Individual child-sized portions and lovingly compiled kids’ menus, which also serve as a placemat, ensure families with children will feel right at home. The staff takes extra care that every guest has a special Wiesn experience, young and old alike.

The audience: Quality-conscious and family-friendly

Especially families feel completely comfortable here during the day. From the late afternoon on, the crowd becomes more colorful, with Erik & Otto providing pub music in the tent and garden. At a later hour, when the children have long since gone to bed, the band Saustoi heats up the adult Oktoberfest goers - until closing time.

A sustainable and innovative concept

The Ammer Hühner- und Entenbraterei is an absolute pioneer in organic products on the Oktoberfest. Now the small tent is expanding its holistic concept - including new software, food sharing and cooperation with Regenbogen Arbeit, whose team helps people with mental disabilities and the long-term unemployed to find a suitable job.

The menu: Poultry, palate ticklers and vegan food

At Ammer’s, organic chicken from the grill and crispy duck taste great with an Augustiner from the barrel. Or perhaps you fancy one of its sweet and liquid palate ticklers: apple strudel with damson sauce and Williams pear brandy. Although poultry is the main dish served here, vegetarians and vegans will also find attractive options on offer.

Only here: Clever contradictions and contrasts

A poultry roaster that also caters to vegans and effortlessly combines family-friendly hospitality with a party atmosphere will make your visit to the Wiesn one to remember.

Ammer Hühner- und Entenbraterei: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s) Josef Schmidbauer
Phone + 49 89 812 74 01
Fax + 49 89 813 22 26
Reservation https://ammer-wiesn.de/reservation/
Website https://ammer-wiesn.de/
Capacity 465
Capacity (outdoors) 472
Music Erik und Otto, Saustoi
Speciality Poultry roaster that caters to vegans and combines family-friendly dining with a party mood