Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Taking the long-distance coach to Oktoberfest

The most affordable way to get to Munich

The long-distance coach is a strong competitor to automobile and railroad if you want a comfortable and affordable journey to Munich. However tickets are quickly booked up for the Oktoberfest.

Arrive centrally with the long-distance coach

Long-distance coaches travel to Munich from all major cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Journeys to Munich are also in many international travel schedules. The connections are mostly cheaper than with rail travel. You also don’t need to park an automobile. The best part: Most long-distance coaches stop at the Central Bus Station (ZOB) at Hackerbrücke and depart from there too. You can’t get much closer as it’s only 10 minutes walk to the gates of Theresienwiese. The route is well signposted. Or you can simply follow the other Oktoberfest visitors in the direction of the venue.

Day trip to Oktoberfest with overnight travel in the long-distance coach.

Those who come from further afield can board a night bus in the evening in their town. In the morning you arrive at Oktoberfest on time for a breakfast of Weißwurst.

The prices for tickets to Oktoberfest can rise rapidly. Long-distance coaches are booked out quickly. So definitely book early enough in advance.