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Baaz (n.)
sludge, mud.

Bappn (n.)
mouth or face; also one the seems contorted due to pain or a bad mood.

Batzerl (n.)
small amount of something.

Bazi (n.)
crook, rascal, cheater.

Biafuizl (n.)
beer mat, is often used by the waitress/waiter as a note pad where dashes indicates the quantity of beer ordered by the guest.

biddscheen (n.)
please, can also mean "here you are" when someone is giving or serving something.

Bierdimpfe (n.)
notorious beer drinker, "tavern potato".

bieseln (v.)
term for "to take a leak"; unfortunately too many want to save a couple of Cents and use the option "wild bieseln"

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