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Fackl (n.)
a young pig, often used to describe an indecent behaving person.

Feiadog (n.)

Fetzngaudi (n.)
increased form of "Gaudi", huge fun.

Fetznrausch (n.)
totally drunk.

Fingahackln (n.)
Bavarian sport. Two men hook their middle fingers and try to pull the opponent over the table. Popular activity at the Oktoberfest.

Fleischpflanzl (n.)
meatballs, often eaten in a bun.

Flidscherl (n.)
tart, floozy.

Floßfahrn (n.)
rafting. It is popular in the summer to go rafting on Isar from the village Wolfratshausen to Munich. In doing so also consuming beer.

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