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oabischwoam (n.)
to solve a fight through drinking, a much better alternative than letting the fist do the talking, at the Oktoberfest as well as elsewhere.

obandeln (v.)
to flirt, mostly with one explicit intention.

Obazda (n.)
bavarian cheese speciality with Camembert, onion, paprika, caraway, butter and sometimes also beer, can be acquired in most Oktoberfest tents.

ogschdocha (adj.)

oide Schäsn (n.)
patronising term for an old woman. Also used for cars.

Omd (n.)

ozapfa (v.)
to tap a beer barrel. The Oktoberfest is each year inaugurated with a ceremonial taping of the first barrel of beer in the Schottenhammel tent. The mayor of Munich attach the tap with as few hits as possible. When the tap has been attached the mayor shouts "O'zapft is!" (“it is tapped!”). Twelve shots indicate for the other beer tents, that beer may be served.

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